Friday, October 30, 2009

Teach Your Children

This is how I know I'm doing a good job at work:

Ingrid can recognize Ingrid by both sight and sound!

Also, for the rest of the day I heard her singing "Oh, oh, oh!" as heard here.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Warning: this post may get a bit lengthy. Though it's mostly pictures. :)

September was a great month! So many fun things happened that I always meant to blog about, but I never quite made the time to follow through. Seeing as we're almost halfway through October I figured it's best not to it off any longer. So here you have it, the highlights of September.

The 9/12 March

I'll be honest, I didn't know too much about the reasons behind the march before I showed up that morning, but I figured how many opportunities do you have to walk right down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue alongside 2 million-ish other people? So I went. Since then I've formed several thoughts on several things regarding the march, but I won't go into it here. Instead I'll just show you the pics.

The protesters: Jonathan, Stephen, April, Dan, Dave, Kendra, Me

Getting closer to the capitol.

I thought this was too funny. Silent No More . . . Really? Because it doesn't look like you're making too much noise.

The humor in this one was was purely by chance . . .

Ingy turned 4!!!

We celebrated by going out to lunch before ballet, then afterwards getting a "cherry" and eating cupcakes. Let me clarify, I had a cupcake, Ingrid had frosting.

I went and got Ingy a princess balloon while she was at her ballet class. The look on her face when she came out and I told her it was hers was adorable!

Me with the birthday girl!

The Ingrid Michaleson Concert
or "The Other Ingrid" as Ingy puts it.

I went with a bunch of friends from my ward to see the one and only Ingrid Michaleson. Of course it was phenomenal, I don't expect anything less from this woman. I honestly don't think it's possible to go to one of her shows and not walk away a bigger fan than before. And lucky me, I'm going again Nov. 4th!

Ingrid Michaelson performing some new stuff.

The whole gang singing You and I: Dan Romer, Elliot Jacobson, Greg Holden, Ingrid Michaelson, Chris Kuffner, Bess Rogers, and of course Allie Moss

The highlight of the night for me? Okay, so there were several, but none quite as exciting as when she brought Greg Laswell out to sing a new song they wrote together. This better make it on to a record! You can listen to it here. Trust me, you'll wanna check that out. :)

Oh, and once again the music gods have smiled upon me and Greg Laswell will be one of the openers for the show in November. I love my life!

Greg Holden, the opener whom I adore! He's the other opener for the November show. Can't. Wait.

Kendra, Greg Holden, and Me

Dan, Mary Beth, Kendra, Me outside the 9:30 Club

More shows . . .

David Mead at the Jammin Java (my home away from home)

The Brilliant Inventions. Opened for Dean Fields. They were very entertaining. And attractive.

Dean Fields! I saw him do an acoustic show at the end of July and loved his stuff. This time around the band was there too. It was every bit as good! And I may have a little crush on the drummer.

The Gang: Dan, Dave, Kendra, Me

The Gang and Dean

All in all, September was a pretty great month! October's not half bad either. Maybe I'll consider posting things a little sooner this month. Maybe. :)