Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday I'm In Love

I love this game. A lot . . . A lot, a lot.

In fact, I love it so much that one day I am going to make a table similar to this:

I'm even reading a book about the world of competitive Scrabble players. Don't worry, I draw the line here . . .

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All Summer Long

Summer is in full swing around here! We've already been to the pool a few times, several parks, and even a museum. The kids have a long list of thing they'd like to do with their time off, so we shouldn't get too bored!

Of course I forgot my camera, but at least I had my phone so we could document some of our adventure! :)

Ingy's first ride on the DC Metro.

Ingy loves horses of any kind.

Me and Matty riding the Carousel on The Mall.

After our museum adventure we went and chopped Ingy's hair. SO cute!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday I'm In Love

This is Charlie McDowell and he is hilarious. He lives in LA, owns a production company, writes, etc and happens to be the son of actors Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen. Charlie lives in an apartment building below a couple of girls who aren't terribly bright. Their conversations are easily over heard and Charlie had the brilliant idea to start writing "letters" to the GAM (girls above me) based on things he hears them say. I laugh out loud nearly every time he posts.

Here are a few gems . . .
  • Dear GAM, Have you started talking in your sleep or just REALLY needed to have a 2:14 AM conversation about "Suri Cruise's cute top"?
  • Dear Girls Above Me, The louder u play Shakira, the louder I play Moby. Dont care u think I "must be gay", I found your kryptonite.
  • Dear GAM, I'm not "building a boat" nor am I "that Dexter guy." It's called a woodpecker. However you could make the argument I stalk you.
  • Dear Girls Above Me, Please stop referring to Bill Cosby as the dad from Family Matters. Then who's the dad from The Cosby Show?
  • Dear Girls Above Me, You got a ticket for parking in handicap even though you "limped into the store"? Almost smart...almost.
  • Dear GAM, I’m sorry you sprained your ankle and "aren’t hot anymore" but Chanel crutches don’t exist...yet. Thanks for another golden idea.
  • Dear Girls Above Me, Don't you ever wonder what I'm up to during one of your parties?
To read more go here! His letters can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

For You

Yesterday when we got home from school Matthew went and got a piece of paper and a pencil and started writing. He asked me how to spell oy. I was confused and asked him what he meant. He responded, "you know, oy, as in enjoy. I smiled and helped him out. A little while later he came and told me there was a special surprise in the bathroom. I was a little worried about what I might find, Matthew is a 7 year old boy and a special surprise in the bathroom isn't necessarily a good thing . . . I told him next time I was by the bathroom I'd check it out. Later I was going to the closet to get something and remembered I had something waiting for me. I poked my head in the bathroom door and saw this note sitting on the counter:

"frum Matthew ingoy the ring" which translated means, from Matthew enjoy the ring.

How sweet is that?! Totally made my day!

P.S. Don't worry, we'll work on spelling this summer. ;)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


So I'll be the first to admit, I was skeptical about the more rock-ish direction Joshua Radin is taking with his music (I don't do well with change). I didn't think it was the Josh I had come to know and love. Boy was I wrong! After seeing him perform some of the new material live I was sold. Josh announced this morning that the new album comes out September 7th, and I can't wait!! Luckily he released an EP earlier this week, a little something to hold fans over until we get the full length album. Check it out! :)

And just because I can, a little sample of his not-so-whisper-rock . . .

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday I'm In Love

Well, I think I've found the love of my life . . . Zachary Levi.

Obviously we're made for each other . . .

Plus, he's a spy . . .

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Party All The Time

Who doesn't love a good party? :)

At the beginning of May we had a party for my good friend Sara's birthday at Great Falls National Park. What a beautiful place!

The Falls

Me and Jen-one of my favorite people on the planet!

Sara being sneaky.

I was in charge of bringing dessert. I wanted to make something delicious and summery so decided on a fruit tart. I looked up several recipes online when I came across this one. Winner, winner! They were pretty darn tasty if I do say so myself!

I split the filling and added lemon in one and Nutella in the other.

I added a bit more lemon zest than the recipe calls for. I was kind of sad there wasn't any filling left over . . . though it's probably a good thing! ;)

Then there was the party six years in the making . . . I got together with a handful of friends to watch the series finale of LOST.
We had Dharma Beer (root beer for those of you who are questioning the extent to which my fandom may take me), water, and potato crisps, and Ashley made yummy numbers cupcakes. Some cupcakes were frosted with peanut butter, a tribute to Claire and Charlie. The oranges are there for Locke's orange smile at Kate in the pilot. (Thanks to Ashley for this cluster of pics).

We couldn't watch the finale without tissues. I may or may not have decoupaged this box for the occasion . . .

And let's not forget about the "wild boar on a stick!"

I won't go into all my thoughts and theories about the finale, but I will say that I love, love, loved it!!! What a perfect way to end one of the best television series to ever hit the air! I look forward to the day something comes comes along that comes close to being as good as LOST. If that's even possible . . . ;)

Then there was Memorial Day weekend. I spent the last three days at Duck Beach in the outer banks of North Carolina. Somehow I didn't take one picture. It was a blast though! Hundreds of LDS young single adults from the east coast and beyond go down and rent beach houses, hang out on the beach, play games, swim, hold volleyball tournaments, eat, karaoke, play music, relax and have a fabulous time!

Despite a few mosquito bites and a slightly nasty sunburn it was a great weekend! Sara and I left late Friday evening, rolled down the windows, and blasted tunes as we made the 6-ish hour drive. Saturday was spent on the beach, in the pool, and having good times with friends. Sunday several of the people from the beach went to church. This awesome ward/branch (I'm not sure which) does an awesome job accommodating 500+ people in a building not designed for that size of a crowd. They have parking attendants, the bigger rooms are filled with chairs and the halls are lined with them as well. Church is an hour long because it would be impossible to do anything else. This particular sunday the Stake President and his wife spoke and a choir of young single adults and local members sang. It was a perfect Sunday meeting. After church we relaxed, ate, and enjoyed one another's company. Monday we spent more time at the beach, made a Dairy Queen run, cleaned up a bit and then headed home in the late afternoon. It was sad to have to leave and come back to real life but what a great way to kick off summer!!