Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some of These Days

Previously in Lindsie's life . . . (said like this)

It was Easter weekend and I had several days off. Fun things happened.

I went to the National Botanical Gardens to see the Orchid exhibit with my good pal Sara. It was a-ma-zing!

This flower is yet another way I know that God loves me . . .

I am in awe at the detail in these!

I have well over 50 photos from the exhibit, and if you'd like to see them all, I'd be happy to show them to you.

While we were there, we decided to go see the Cherry Blossoms . . . a must-see in life.

The next day I went and visited two of the cutest kids on the planet!

Dang straight!

You can just see the love on her face, right?

Landon had a great time with the Easter card Grandma and Grandpa sent him!

This is how Katelyn watched general conference.

This was my attempt in entertaining Landon.

Happy girl!

Making silly faces for Grandma and Grandpa via Skype.

Look at those eyelashes!!

My first thought: Oh no, he's one of those kids! aka a wood-chip thrower.

Katelyn hanging out at the park.

Despite the look on her face at this particular moment, she loved the swing!

A few weeks after going to Nashville I went to NYC, for work. And boy did I work hard!! ;)

My friends Michelle (visiting from Utah but now moving to DC-yay!) and Sara came with me! First thing we did? Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

How Sweet it is! Is right!! I will live here one day. Park Slope, here I come. Mark my word.

We ate some delicious pizza at Grimaldi's

Hanging out in Brooklyn!

The Manhattan LDS temple. Trying to get a shot with the 3 of us and the temple didn't work out so great . . .

Tribute quilt for those who died in 9/11. We went to ground zero but didn't take any pictures. The quilt was pretty awesome though. There's a square for each person who died.

Cupcakes from Crumbs! Sugar? What sugar?

Central Park!!!

Thanks John.

The view from our hotel room . . . What did we do at the hotel?

Watched these adorable 4 and 5 year olds while their Mom's went out to dinner! This is where the work part comes in . . .

First we had a dance party!

Then we painted nails-the girls were SO excited for this!

We made a little waiting-for-your-nails-to-dry station for the girls before putting them back into bed.

We had The Princess and the Frog going the whole time to entertain the girls. Funny story about that . . . When I turned on the TV to pick a movie I immediately knew we were going to have arguments over which one to choose. So I explained to the girls that one of the rules to having a slumber party is that you must watch a "chick flick." I then proceeded to explain to the term to them (a girl movie-in case you were wondering). I told them it's not a real slumber party unless we watch a chick flick. One of the girls then spoke up and asked what if boys are having a slumber party? Smart ones they are . . . I responded by saying, boys don't have slumber parties, they have sleep-overs. And just like that, no arguing. Dang, I'm a good nanny . . . :)

It may have taken all night, but we finally got all the girls to sleep! (FYI, I "borrowed" these pics from one of the Moms who made a super cute scrapbook for the girls).

Sunday morning we went to Alice's Tea Cup. Such a cute place!

Me and Michelle

This is the picture you get when you hand a 13 year old your camera.

We went to the MoMa and saw the Tim Burton exhibit. That dude is crazy. And a genius.

All you need is . . . LOVE!

I tell you what, that was the best work weekend ever! Okay, well that and working in Paris . . . ;)

There are more tales to tell, but I'll save those for another day. :)