Monday, September 27, 2010

Ready To Start

Last week Ingrid went shopping with her mom and came home with a present for me.

Later that night she asked if I'd written in my notebook yet. I said no, but promised that I would. I've been thinking lately about how I need to make a better effort to write in a physical journal, and by better effort I mean any effort at all. I have gone on so many fun adventures and had awesome things happen to me and I want to have a record of them. Ingrid must have psychic abilities or something because that little gesture was the perfect thing to get me going. The very next day Ingrid asked again about me writing in my notebook and I was happy to tell her I had. She then told me that she "picked out this very beautiful notebook because your other one was getting so filled up." How cute is that?

Last night as I was writing in my "very beautiful notebook" the entry included in the words Twitter, Garmen, and Craigslist. I started to laugh as I imagined some future person picking up my journal and trying to figure out what on earth I was talking about. Perhaps we should consider making glossaries as a companion to our journals. :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Give A Little Bit

Remember this guy?

His name is Greg Holden. I first saw him was a year ago when he opened for Ingrid Michaelson and it blew me away. The last time I saw Greg was a week ago and again, I was blown away. The thing that makes this note worthy is that it was the 8th time I've seen him live and every time I am more impressed than the last. I guarantee I wasn't the only person in the room having that experience. To me this speaks volumes of Greg's incredible talent as an artist.

Greg is an independent musician, meaning he doesn't have a record label backing him. He does this so he can put out the music he makes how he feels it should be heard. This also means that he has to come up with his own funding. Kickstarter is a really cool way for musicians and others to raise money to fund their creativity. From what I understand, an artist sets a goal for how much money they need to raise and takes it to Kickstarter. They launch a campaign and ask their fans to donate to the cause, offering various rewards for their generosity. If an artist reaches their goal, the campaign will be funded. If they don't, everyone who donated keeps their money and the artist goes back to the drawing board. You can read more about the ins and outs here, it's actually pretty interesting.

Greg raised the $20,000 he was looking for in the first 2 weeks of the project so he will get the money when the deadline comes around. It costs a whole lot more than $20,000 to make an album so the more money he can raise, the better. There are only 4 days left to donate and any amount will help. If you're already a fan, check out the awesome rewards and donate here (*hint, if you're going to buy the album you should donate and get it for "free"). If you've never listened to Greg's music then you've been missing out and that needs to change. Now. Let me help. :)

This is a song of his last EP. If I were to make a soundtrack for my life this would, without a doubt, make the cut.

This is one of his unreleased songs called Are We Wasted. Easily one of my favorites.

If I went to a Greg Holden concert and he came out, played Bar on A once, then walked off the stage it would be a show worth seeing. This song is the fan favorite. I'm pretty sure it's shouted out as a request at every show and has always ends his set. In my opinion it's a perfect song. I say this as a person who doesn't drink, so you know it must be good!! :)

Hopefully I've convinced you help Greg out!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Drive Me Crazy

You know what I hate? Mosquitos. I've always hated them, but never as much as I do at this very moment!! I have a grand total of 44 bites from these little buggers on my body (that I've counted). That would be 8 on my chest, 9 on my face, 17 on one of my upper legs, and 10 others on fingers or legs. I swear it's like a chain reaction, as soon as one of them starts itching all the rest follow suit. AHHHHH!