Monday, March 30, 2009


This post is long overdue! About two or so months ago Karen (Matt and Ingrid's mom) mentioned that Matty wanted a Death Star pinata for his Star Ward birthday party and asked if she thought Spencer and I could figure out how to make one. I said sure, despite the fact that I'd never seen Star Wars nor did I have a clue what the Death Star was . . . I had some sort of recollection of Spencer doing a paper mache in college, so we wouldn't be completely in the dark. It was a little time consuming but easier than one might expect. We had so much fun that we have a few other paper mache projects lined up. :)

Here are some pics . . .

Spencer also put together these crazy detailed Star Wars origami-type things for the tables. What an amazingly talented/determined guy!

Friday, March 13, 2009

In My Own Eyes

I have now had Pink Eye four times in less than a month. It's not the worst infection that a person can have, but it sure is annoying! Especially when you give it to yourself! How does one give them self pink eye you ask? Let me explain. First you contract the bacteria from some outside source. (I'm not sure where I picked this up the first time, but I did). Then you go to the doctors to get yourself some eye drops or cream as the case may be. Everything clears up and you think you're home free. Except for a week later when you wake up with your eyes crusted shut and realize you must have used your make-up too soon. This is when you clean everything out, get new brushes, etc and think you're fine . . . but you're not. You wake up with pink eye for the third time in two weeks. You get serious and replace everything you could have possibly used in those goopy eye days. Things are going great it's been almost two weeks since you've been hit with an infection. You're slightly annoyed because you've just spent so much money replacing your make up, but what do you do? You get over it. Until you wake up a fourth time to find that you'll need help from a warm wash cloth before you can fully open your eyes. Not fun!!!

A word to the wise. If you ever get pink eye, don't wear make-up for at least a week! It doesn't matter if you're not contagious any more, wait. When you think it's gone get disposable applicators, put them in your make up only one time, apply, then throw away. Do this for a few days, just to be safe. Trust me, the package of applicators will cost a whole lot less than replacing your entire make-up supply!

Video 03.12.09

Anyone with a Facebook account will get kick out of this . . .

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


On the off chance that you don't already have it . . . Oh and when it says tomorrow, it means March 4th, which depending on when you read this could be TODAY! ;)