Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Passion Play

Today was a big day for two of my absolute favorite people in the entire musical world. Both Joshua Radin and William Fitzsimmons released their new albums! (Note: if you haven't realized this by now, let me just point out that I tend to get a tad passionate about music. Especially when it comes to Josh ;) ).

Let's start off with Joshua Radin a.k.a. the love of my musical life. If you haven't heard him before then you obviously need to check out my playlist. :) The man has been compared to Nick Drake and referred to as a modern day Simon and Garfunkle. Josh's new album is called Simple Times and it's brilliant. A little different than the first album, but it's still Josh. Let me just tell you why I love this man so much (well, one reason anyway). Colombia Records signed Josh probably two and a half/three years ago. He went with them because they said they'd produce his album just as he recorded it; no changes. Then when it came time for the sophomore record, they wanted him to make changes; move towards more of a mainstream/pop-ish sound. He wouldn't do it. He bought himself out of his contract and signed on with Mom and Pop Records, an indie label and was able to release his music how he feels his music should sound. Even if you hated his sound, you'd have to respect the guy for that.

The album has been up on i-tunes for the past four weeks and beat out Metallica for the number one selling album it's first week out. I was going to wait for the hard copy, but I just couldn't hold myself back. I did of course, order a hard copy but of course it wasn't in the mail. Hopefully tomorrow! Josh also performed on the Ellen Show today. I was stoked until I got home and found that the DVR did not record the event. Tragic. I feel I handled myself well though; no tears were shed, I didn't break anything, just complained a little. Good thing I'm going to see him perform live this weekend, or thing may not have turned out so pretty . . . Now if someone could just get the clip up on youtube . . . :)

Next we have William. William Fitzsimmons also released and album today called The Sparrow and The Crow. It's his third album, and possibly my favorite. I can't get over how talented this man is! I first heard WF towards the beginning of the year when I noticed him on the Hotel Cafe Tour's line-up. I instantly bought one his albums and later fell in love with it so much that I had to have the other one as well. Imagine my delight when I found out he had a third album on the way!

I pre-ordered the cd rather than waiting to buy it on i-tunes because it came with a free subscription to Paste Magazine ("the entertainment magazine for thinking adults, Paste looks for "signs of life" in music, film, and culture") and I like getting mail. I'm generally not big into the whole pre-order thing, but this time it turned out to be the best thing I could have done because when I got home on Friday afternoon, the cd was sitting in my mailbox . . . that's four whole days before I could have gotten it anywhere else. The album is amazing, I can't wait for November 7th when I get to see him perform the songs live!!!

For more details on Josh, William, or the Hotel Cafe tour, or to listen to their music, direct your eyes to the right side of your screen. For those of you who are directionally impaired, just take a look at this . . . (Josh appears at approx. 6:07) ;)

Someone Else's Life

Wow! I have been so busy these past two weeks going on all sorts of fun adventures. I really do feel like I'm living someone else's life. There is just so much opportunity to go places and see things! I've been to Baltimore, Fredricksburg, Annapolis, and all over DC. I've visited the National Aquarium, the Naval Academy, The Bureau of Printing and Engraving, The Capital Building, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, The Botanical Gardens, The Sculpture Garden, Barack Obama's office, Old Town Alexandria, Georgetown, and so many other places, all in less than two weeks! It helps that I've had a friend in town visiting for the past week. I haven't done too much in DC on my own since I've moved here, mostly because I have other things going on. Now I have a renewed excitement about going to all the different museums that exist right in my backyard! So cool . . . I have a bunch of pics to go through, and some that I'm waiting for my friend to send, but don't you worry, I'll post some soon! ;)

I can't believe how blessed I am to be able to do all these things, it's absolutely amazing. Up next on the list: Harrisburg, PA!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I pretty much have the greatest job ever. I play all day, go to museums, and take naps. Then at night I get to go to baseball games! Okay, well, that's what I did tonight anyway. Last week Kent mentioned that he was going to give me his company's tickets for an upcoming baseball game. He said there would be six tickets and two parking passes. I was excited to go because I LOVE going to baseball games, but then I realized I don't exactly know six people around here. I invited those I did know and a girl I met in my ward. Then I used the good old listserve (a yahoo group for my ward) to see if anyone else was interested in coming. We ended up using five of the tickets, though I did get plenty of emails saying people wished they could come.

So the game was the Washington Nationals (obviously) versus the New York Mets. I'd heard our team isn't all that good, but I was still confident we'd have a good time. There's something about going to a baseball game . . . it's a happy thing no matter what team wins! The game actually turned out to be pretty good. Our seats were awesome (right behind home plate!), there were some great plays, and the Nats won! What more could you ask for?
Here are a few pics to prove I was there!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Best Thing In My Life

Meet Garmen. Without her I would be absolutely lost. Literally. I don't know how people find their way around this crazy place without some kind of GPS system! Between the one way roads, streets that have two names, lanes that change direction depending on what time of day it is, and all the TRAFFIC, I'm shocked peopole ever get it straight. I would never dream of leaving home without little Garmie. I guess it just comes with time . . . If a three year old knows how to get around, I guess I'll eventually figure it out! And if Garmen ever breaks, at least I have Matt and Ingy to tell me when I'm going the wrong way.

As wonderful as Garmen is, it hasn't been 100% correct. I went to find a Wal-mart last week, but after following the directions and arriving at the supposed destination, there was no Wal-mart to be found. Later that night I tried another location and Garmen lead me to the right area, just the wrong shopping center. Maybe Wal-mart needs to pay Garmen a little more money . . . At least if I get lost I can always find my way home!

I will say that I am quite proud of myself. Today I made it to and from Matthew's school without Garmen's help. I did go to Spencer's house on Sunday without it, but I needed some help on the way home . . . it was dark. :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

You are the one I've been waiting for, today! Pt. 2

You are the one I've been waiting for, today!

It's about time I blogged about this, and I know you're all shocked that I've waited this long. :) I figured that i anticipation of Tuesday's big event (the release of his second full length album) I would dedicate this post to the love of my musical life, Joshua Radin. I saw Josh (don't worry, we're tight, so I can call him that) in concert for the fourth time about three and a half weeks ago, right before I moved to DC. In fact, the only reason I was in Utah half of August was so that I could go to the show (BIG thanks to the Knutson's for allowing me to push the start date back).

The concert was fabulous, as usual. I went with my favorite concert going buddy, Trent. It was his first time seeing Josh, so that was exciting. We bought our tickets on the presale so we were invited to a special meet and greet before the show. At first we were told we could go to sound check and I was eccstatic! Yet another dream come true . . . too bad they changed their minds. Then things didn't work out like they were suppose to during sound check and it ran long, so they pushed the whole thing back until after the concert. Trent and I were slightly disappointed, but we weren't going to let that get to us! We were able to sit right outside the door and hear sound check pretty clearly. And because of our sitting location all the artists, including Josh, walked right passed us.

Because we got there early we ended up being the first people in line (not and uncommon position for either of us). We're also generally the front row type, but this time when we walked in the venue we stratigically placed ourselves so we would be in good shape for Josh's final number, which he performs in the audience. (I knew this because my crazed passion for Josh drives me to look him up on youtube on a regular basis to see what new stuff he's performing). There were the standard annoying concert goers who don't care about anyone around them or act like idiots during the performance by shouting out something stupid or doing something to embarass themselves. We frequently mock these people both during and after the show for weeks to come. Anyway, the concert was phenomenal, as usual. Different from the other shows I've been to, in that he was way less personal, not so talkative. I'm sure there are a lot of factors that play into this, but mostly I think it's the audience that determines the feel of the show. He performed a good mix of new and old material . . . I think there will only be two songs on the new album that I haven't heard. I love hearing new stuff for the first time live . . . Who am I kidding I love hearing everything live!

So after the show we stuck around so we could chat it up with Josh. We again stratigically placed ourselves, this time so we would be at the end of the line and hopefully have more time with Josh. The meet and greet went as follows: Introduction, picture, move on. The people in front of us asked for an autograph and of course Josh said yes, if they had a pen. They looked around and I said I had one, Josh then looks over, smiles, and says "hey, how's it going?" Like I said, we're tight! :) Then it was officially our turn to talk to Josh and he again, smiles and asks me how I'm doing as he gives me a great big hug. I felt special! We talked for a few minutes about various things, then I asked him to sign my EP (extended play, too short to be a full length album, but too long to be considered a single). This was and EP that I paid a pretty penny for. They only made about 2,000 copies, and it'd pretty hard to get your hands on one for under $150. Don't worry, I didn't even pay half of that . . . I love the man, but I'm not rich! Anyway, he said he hadn't seen one of those in a long time. After discussing what he should write, he decided on this . . .

In case you can't see it, "Lindsie- You are the best! I love you!"

I'd say it's an upgrade . . .

All in all, it was an awesome night! I can't wait to see him again . . . Soon!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Special Two

I thought I'd introduce you to the cute kiddos I get to take care of. First we have Matthew. He's five years old and had his first day of kindergarten on Wednesday! He has a great imagination and is SO sweet to his little sister (most of the time :)). He loves to play with pirates and army men. Today on the way home from school he told me he is going to be a soldier for the Unites States Army when he grows up! Here are a few pics:

Matthew enjoying his "midnight snack" at 9:00. Three Golden Oreos and a glass of milk. He's quite specific in his requests!
Me and Matty!

Then there's Ingrid. Ingy. Ingaroo. IVK. Princess. She will turn 3 at the end of the month, and Karen (her mom) is throwing her a fairy princess party! Ingrid has an amazing sense of humor is so loving. I'm also fairly certain she is one of the smartest little girls ever to walk the planet! Seriously. Now the pictures so you can see how cute she is:

Ingrid . . . and Ole! She sure loves her dog!
Me and Ingy!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Waiting For My Real Life to Begin

So pretty much I'm in love with Nantucket. The beach, bike rides, the best lemonade ever, sunsets, wandering around town, shopping, yummy ice cream . . . I could do it all over again! Not immediately, of course, but some day. Though, I don't know if I could ever afford to go on my own, but it'd totally be worth saving up for!

It was a lot of fun getting to know The Knutson's while on vacation; they were so nice and I had a great time! There was a good mix of taking care of the kids, spending time with the family, and exploring on my own. I easily got in two books and an entire season of Scrubs while relaxing on the island, it was great. I will say that after taking a month off of work and then spending two weeks on vacation, I'm ready to get started on "normal" life . . . whatever that is! :)

So I spent waaay too much time trying to figure out my stinkin' slide show and it never worked out, so here's a good portion of those pics to give you a glimps of my life in Nantucket. Enjoy!

Our house in Nantucket. It was a cute little house with a porch that wrapped all the way around it. All the houses have names, ours was called Hedges . . . possibly because it was fenced in my a bunch of hedges. :)
My room.
The view from my window.
Me at the Harbor on my first day out exploring on my own.
The best lemondate I have ever tasted . . . Nantuckt Nectars. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
I also had some of the best ice cream I've ever tasted in Nantucket. This particular flavor was chocolate peanut butter cookie dough. I also tried ginger and peanut butter cup. Mmmm!
Me sitting on the front porch. One of my favorite things to do was sit on the porch and read.Great Point Lighthouse
Me at Great Point. Probably my favorite beach. More of Great Point

The sunset the last night we were in Nantucket.

P.S. I posted to slide show to my myspace blog if you're dying to see it. (www.myspace.com/rememberthatonetime)