Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sleeping Diagonally

I needed to run to Target yesterday before picking up Matthew from school, so I packed Ingy up in the car and we headed out. As we got closer to the store I noticed Ingrid's eyes were starting to get droopy. Despite my best efforts to keep her awake, she fell asleep just as we pulled in the parking lot. I carried her to a cart and began my quick shopping trip. For a while I thought she was just resting her head, but when I saw the drool I knew she was sound asleep!

She stayed like this the entire 20 minutes we were there. You'd think she would wake up when I pulled her out of the cart and put her back in her car seat, but no. She was one tired girl!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

They Want To Hold My Hand

So I've been a terrible blogger these days, but I really can't help it. I've been busy getting hit on. Yep, apparently I'm quite the hot commodity these days. ;) Last week I was at the gas station and this guy comes up to demonstrate the product he was selling. I told him the van wasn't mine and that in fact, I don't own a car, so he didn't need to show me anything. He then asks about my two kids (he saw the car seats). I explained that I was a nanny, I don't have any kids. Then he went off.
"Well that is good news because I thought man she has two kids so she has to have a man and I won't have the chance to take her out to dinner and get to know her better . . . What's your favorite food? . . . I could send you some or what I'd rather do is take you out, get to know you, I just need your number . . . I can tell you're a good person, I can see it in your eyes . . . Yada, yada, yada." It was pretty funny because he didn't appear to be my "type" at all, but it generally makes you feel better about yourself when someone shows interest, so I'll take it.

The other time was a few nights before that. Spencer and I got dressed up and went into DC for dinner. It was a beautiful day, so we wanted to sit outside. While we were waiting for a table I decided to go to the restroom. This is where the second interaction took place. That's right my friends, in the women's restroom. Here's how it went down. One of the paper towel dispensers was out of paper towels and I was washing my hands next to the working one. A girl reached across my chest (almost touching) to get a towel. Another girl in the room commented on how close she was and the reaching one replies in an overly friendly tone, "Oh don't worry, she doesn't mind!" Then her friend starts talking to me about her sunglasses (keep in mind it's night time)and how she looks. Again, overly friendly. I said that I probably wouldn't wear them, better safe than sorry. Then she says, "better safe than sorry? Ha! Better sorry than safe! Where are you from???" I wish I would have said Utah! And then walked away, but instead I gave a half laugh and made a point of getting out of the restroom before she did. I went back outside and told Spencer what had happened and we both got a good laugh out of it. And really, how many people can say they got hit on in the restroom? Hopefully not many, it's weird . . . :)