Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just As Well

I'm in the process of working on a "covers" . . . I know there are a bunch out there that I love, but I've been having trouble remembering them. I was sitting at the computer when all of the sudden it hit me! Nickel Creek. I saw this performed live on their Farewell (For Now) Tour, May 2007 at Abravanel Hall, and it was awesome! I searched for the best quality video and this is what I found . . .

Proof that covering a Brittany Spears song isn't the worst idea ever . . . if you're Nickel Creek, that is. ;)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Been A Year

Just over a year ago, April 5th to be exact, I went to the Hotel Cafe Tour at the Avalon in Salt Lake. It was easily one of my favorite concerts and I can't wait until they do another one, hopefully this fall. Anyway I asked everyone I knew if they wanted to come and no one was up for it, so I went by myself. I'd gone to a Joshua Radin show alone before and it was a great experience, so I figured I'd try it again. I got there early because I'm a fan of the first few rows, I don't care how long I'm standing for, it's a different experience. As I was waiting I tried to start up conversation with the people behind me. They weren't too interested in chatting, so I gave up. Then a kid in front of me turned around and asked who I was there to see, Cary Brothers or Ingrid Michaelson? This sparked a discussion about the artists we love and then it carried over into other things. We ended up standing togther at the show and having a great time. I got one of their email addresses so I could send them the pictures I took. Thank goodness, because this enabled us to keep in touch. I found both Brian and Trent on myspace (Trent may have found me, I don't remember). Then when Ingrid Michaelson came back through town two months later they both came up and we went together. Trent and I went to a Joshua Radin concert before I moved to DC and he's come up to visit when I've been home. Brian was in DC last fall for a school thing and I was able to meet up with him as well. Who would have thought that it'd last this long??? Happy Anniversary pals!

Trent, one of their Price friends, Brian, and Me after the Ingrid Michaelson/Greg Laswell concert

The gang with Ingrid

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So March was not as successful as January and February were in the giving something up department. I decided to give up eating in my room. I tend to do unnecessary munching in my room or I decide to be lazy and not go upstairs to get breakfast on the weekend and end up eating three granola bars, not the best idea one could have . . . I didn't blow it by any means, but I just didn't hit 100% like January and February. It's alright though, I still feel good about it. Up this month, no eating in the car! Something I absolutely don't need to do, so I'm kind of excited about trying this out. Strange but true.

All these things have to do with food, maybe I should just give up eating . . . If only that would solve the problem! Don't worry, I am only kidding about the no food thing. Besides, even if it were possible, I'd just be opening a whole new can of worms no one wants to deal with. ;)