Monday, August 22, 2011

The Gift

I have a hidden talent. Okay, so it's not exactly hidden seeing as I tell people about it all the time . . . or rather I show them.

That's right folks, I am one heck of a self-picture-taker!! I don't remember exactly when it was I discovered this particular talent but I tell you what, it comes in handy all the time. I swear it's not as easy as it looks!! Here are a few of my favs . . .

Smash and I in NYC! Note the random yet important object between us - tricky! Be impressed.

Some of my favorite people after our pre-HP7 Pt.2 Thai dinner in Old Town.

FREEZING our butts off in Philadelphia as we wait in line to see Joshua Radin. You know you have good friends when you make them line up super early for a concert, in less than desirable weather, and they don't hate you.

After Ian and Chad opened for Ingrid Michaelson at World Cafe Live in Wilmington, DE. We were the last ones there and no one was around to take our picture. Not that I would have asked/let anyone . . . No need!

Speaking of not asking anyone to take a picture for you . . . If you travel alone as much as I do, this is a necessary skill! Here I am in front of the "I'm a Mormon" billboard near Time Square. Bonus story: One night in NYC I really wanted to ride in a cab with the "I'm a Mormon" ad on top but it was taking forever to find one. Ironically enough I ended up going to my bus in a "Sister Act" cab. Too perfect.

OBX 2011! This was the first record breaking photo taken that weekend. I thought 10 was a lot until . . .

I got all 19 of us in the shot, on the first try, at the Lost Colony. This was among the proudest moments of my life. Don't judge.

I'm sure some of you are still saying, "Pffft! A talent? Yeah right!" To the non-believers out there, I give you a challenge: Next time you're with a group of 20 of your nearest and dearest, take a picture.

This is the current record holding photo, taken a few hours after the 19 people pic. The Outer Banks must be a magical place . . .

If you just can't get enough of my mad photography skills, you can see more pictures here on the FB. :)