Friday, February 15, 2013

I Can't Wait

Happy Day After Valentine's Day! I had every intention of posting this yesterday, but time didn't quite allow for that. I thought about saving it for 2014 but then I realized, I love everyone today as much as I did yesterday so why wait? ;)

We all know music ia my one true love, so I put together a list of 11 songs I love about love. Enjoy.  

1. "Everybody" by Ingrid Michaelson 
Everybody, everybody wants to love
Everybody, everybody wants to be loved

2. "Somebody" by Jukebox the Ghost
I don't want anymore heartbreak 
I'm tired of the sound it makes

3. "What You Wanted" by Andrew Allen 
(My life won't be complete until I own a studio version of this).
I met her on Thrusday 
She asked if I like her too 
I heard that she's perfect 
But she isn't you

4. "Emotinally Involved" by Matt Simons 
Saved my soul and it shows, such a friend to me
All I know’s you’re so close, now we’re family
You got on, I got off, we got over it
Have some sense, I’ll be steady with my intent, 
but I know we can’t forget it

5. "Same Changes" by The Weepies
And everyone says this love will change you
Well I ask, isn’t that what love’s supposed to do

6. "Broken Headlights" by Joey Ryan (ft. Sara Bareilles) 
Maybe when I tell you that I want you forever
Im gonna make a fool of me
But I've got the windows down
The heater on my feet
And the skies are opening
It's gonna come pourin down
It's gonna come pourin out
Im gonna say everything

7. "If You" by Rebecca Haviland & Whiskey Heart
Cause I could spend my whole life with you
If you want me to 

The book of love has music in it
In fact that's where music comes from
Some of it is just transcendental
Some of it is just really dumb

(I love Alex, but it breaks my heart that there's no recording of Amber singing this with Chad Vaccarino during a show at the Studio at Webster Hall last October).
Once love wakes it never sleeps 
Even when you love a dream

10.  "The Graveyard Near The House" by The Airborne Toxic Event (More on them in a future post).
And then the letters all pass through my head, 
with the words that I was told. 
About the fading flesh of life and love, the failures of the bold. 
I can list each crippling fear like I'm reading from a will. 
And I'll defy everyone and love you still. 

Believe in it
It's more than you and so much more than me
 . . .
 These years comin'
They'll be worth the fight and they'll be worth the wait
. . . 
We are the lucky ones


Smashie Smasherton said...

OMG I never thought I'd love a version of "The Book of Love" more than the Airborne version. Chris Ayer makes me weak in the knees!

Allyson said...

I love you Linds! I will have to listen to all of these songs, because I don't know any of them! (A tragedy, I know because I'm sure they're fabulous!)